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Nails Aftercare


 Gel Polish

  • Do not pick or peel your gel polish off as this will cause damage to your natural nail.

  • Always get your nail technician to remove the gel for you or ask us for advice for safe removal. 

  • Do not file the free edge of your nail when your gel polish has been applied. This will cause the seal to break which means water or oils can lift the gel and the product will peel away from the nail.

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals - if you need to use chemicals e.g cleaning products
    - wear rubber gloves.

  • Use cuticle oil daily, dab a little onto each nail and massage into the cuticle and the surrounding skin.

  • To maintain the look and care of your nails you should book your appointment every 2-3 weeks.

Express & Luxury Manicure

• Apply hand cream regularly.
• Rubber gloves should be worn as water and detergents will weaken the nails 
and have a drying effect on the skin.
• Drink plenty of water as this helps strengthen the nails and hydrates the skin.
• Massage cuticles with cuticle or olive oil daily.
• Have regular manicures to promote nail growth, circulation and skin health for the hands and arms.

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